Culinary Innovation and Scenic Charm at Sunset Monalisa Restaurant in Los Cabos

An iconic dining venue that has made nearly all “top restaurant in Los Cabos” lists for more than two decades, Sunset Monalisa offers much more than just good food and a view; it offers a complete experience tantalizing all of the senses. Perched on a spectacular cliffside in Cabo San Lucas, Sunset Monalisa boasts an entirely outdoor, open-air dining venue on multi-level terraces and inarguably the best panoramic views of the sunset and the iconic Arch at Land’s End landmark.

Sunset Monalisa, Los Cabos (

Sunset Monalisa’s roots date back to 2001 when the owner, Giammarco Vela, was visiting for the first time from Italy and fell in love with the location. One of the aspects that have made the restaurant so successful over the years is their constant innovation and strive to create a memorable experience for their guests beyond just serving a meal. What started as a casual Italian Trattoria has, over the years, transmuted to a stunning event venue and fine-dining experience. Read about the romantic history of this magical spot before it became Sunset Monalisa.

“I believe that we have a responsibility to our customers,” ” said Giammarco Vela, CEO at Grupo Monalisa. “Our goal is to create memorable experiences. We host weddings, birthdays, engagements, special celebrations, and strive to make the most of those moments for the people we host. We are in a privileged place, but the true privilege is to have the opportunity to create unforgettable emotions.”

When Los Cabos (and most of the world) temporarily closed in 2020 to international visitors because of the pandemic, Sunset Monalisa’s team continued to work diligently behind the scenes to prepare for its reopening and to create a new dining experience that would meet heightened health and sanitation protocols. With certifications from Punto Limpio and Distintivo H, alongside a comprehensive hygiene protocol manual, they have reinforced their commitment to the safety of their guests who choose to dine at the restaurant.

Mona-Safe – Heighted Protocols against COVID-19

Upon Sunset Monalisa’s reopening in July under “new normal” practices, the restaurant also announced a switch from a-la-carte dining to a full, pre-set 3, 5, or 7-course menu. While this not only creates more controlled hygiene in the kitchen and serving, the principal idea was to offer a full culinary journey from start-to-finish in just one sitting. Under the leadership of their new executive, Chef Jacob Ramos, the tailor-made menu is a beautiful homage to Mediterranean cuisine but with a contemporary approach. Chef Ramos has also brought to Sunset Monalisa more sustainable practices by sourcing many ingredients locally in Baja in his strive to become one of the most sustainable restaurants in Mexico.

Another exciting addition to Sunset Monalisa is their newest venue, Jazz on the Rocks at Sunset Point – the first jazz club in Los Cabos. With live music sessions every night just after sundown, Jazz on the Rocks features gastro-bar cuisine with snazzy snacks and freshly made pizzas straight from their authentic Italian pizza oven.

So what’s in the future for Sunset Monalisa? Gianmarco shares, “Our greatest ambition is to become one of the top restaurants in Latin America, particularly for Chef Jacob Ramos’ culinary proposal, who has an outstanding trajectory in gastronomy.”

“‘Monalisa isn’t a restaurant, it is a venue in which everyone can live memorable experiences, a complete culinary voyage without rush, with a beautiful sunset backdrop, mixology and the best service.” – Giammarco Vela, Owner of Sunset Monalisa

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