Planning the Perfect Proposal in Los Cabos

Planning the perfect proposal is more than just buying a diamond ring; choosing a special location is also very important as the moment will be forever etched as one of the most memorable of your life. The timeless magic of Los Cabos, where the desert meets the sea, offers gorgeous backdrops and incredible locations to make popping the question extraordinary. 

Whether extravagant or intimate, from romantic resorts and picturesque beaches to scuba-diving and adrenaline parks, there’s a proposal opportunity for everyone in this idyllic destination. Check out below three proposal ideas in Los Cabos.

Private Picnic on the Beach
A simple idea that is classic and timeless, planning a private picnic on the beach is a great intimate setting for just the two of you to share the romantic moment. To make it extra sophisticated beyond just a blanket and picnic basket, call in the professionals at Cabo Tipi to create a unique and cozy nook. Or check with your Los Cabos hotel to see if they can set up something special on the beach for your proposal.

Couples Photo Session
A romantic photo session on the beach is a great way to capture the moment on camera with your soon-to-be-fiancée. Scheduling an hour photoshoot to record vacation memories is actually complimentary at several hotels through DreamArt Photography, so your partner won’t find the session overly suspicious, and what was supposed to be a casual and fun photo op will quickly turn into a life-changing moment caught on camera once you get down on one knee. 

Sunset Sail
Los Cabos has spectacular sunsets and planning a private cruise to watch the sun go down behind the iconic arch is sure to make for an extraordinary proposal setting. Cabo Adventures has luxurious French-made boats and catamarans available for private charter, perfect for popping the question.

Sunset sail by Cabo Adventures

Sunset Monalisa
One of Los Cabos’ most iconic restaurants, Sunset Monalisa is the perfect romantic venue for a proposal. Whether you want a private nook for an intimate moment or to make a grand gesture to proclaim your love in front of all, their romance department is available to help plan a memorable way to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage.

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Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with FIPROTUR Los Cabos, a private trust in conjunction with Los Cabos Tourism Board.

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