Koral Center: “The Place that Has It All” in Los Cabos

Koral Center is located in San José del Cabo’s exclusive residential area of Cerro Colorado, sitting right off the tourist corridor that spans the distance between San José del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas.

Koral Center complex from above. Photo credits: Koral Center

The upscale and multifaceted complex was founded in 2016, bringing a host of coveted restaurants, shops, and health & wellness services to locals and tourists in a convenient and easy-to-access location. Koral Center seamlessly combines indoor and outdoor spaces into its design, making it a perfect meeting spot for social and professional gatherings. Here are some of the plaza’s main highlights:

 El Merkado is a European-style gastronomical marketplace featuring dozens of casual gourmet restaurants under one roof. Its high ceilings, restaurant-lined corridors, and family-style tables make El Merkado grand and cozy at once. Find exactly what you’re craving and enjoy an intimate meal with family and friends at one of El Merkado’s fan-favorite restaurants, such as Pan di Bacco, Ground Burgers, and Carbon Cabron.

El Merkado at Koral Center. Photo credits: Koral Center

• Koral Shops brings guests high-end brands and products ranging from quality beachwear to advanced fitness technologies, with an interior design showroom, art gallery, hair salon, pharmacy, and more in between! 

• Manoma Spa & Wellness is a holistic center offering guests a wide variety of luxurious facials, massages, and head-to-toe treatments. Take a break from the beach to practice a different kind of self-care and relaxation in the form of a hydrafacial, pedicure, or hot stone massage.

Manoma Spa & Wellness at Koral Center. Photo credits: Koral Center

• Moduvated Fitness Center offers members a state-of-the-art fitness facility with the latest cardio and strength-training machines, free weights, and any other workout equipment you may need. Moduvated also organizes personal and group classes and boot camps to get your heart racing and endorphins pumping through yoga, spinning, functional training, and other high-intensity workouts.

Spinning class at Moduvated Fitness Center, at Koral Center Los Cabos. Photo credits: Koral Center

Koral Center is also home to one of Los Cabos’ best private hospitals, H+ Hospital, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton, and an awe-inspiring coworking space, Koral Desk, perfect for freelancers and remote workers.

For more information on Koral Center, visit https://koralcenter.com

This article was created in partnership with FIPROTUR Los Cabos, under the private trust. See website disclaimer here. For more information, visit https://fiproturloscabos.com.

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