Habaneros Bistro: A Mexican Fusion Experience in the Heart of San José del Cabo’s Art District

On a beautiful day in sunny Los Cabos (AKA almost any given day out of the year), there’s always a myriad of activities to keep you busy and entertained from dawn to dark. Some will opt for a snorkeling or scuba diving tour in the Sea of Cortez, but others may prefer to take a deep dive into the gastronomical scene of the area instead. Luckily, Los Cabos has an impressive array of world-class restaurants and eateries just waiting for you to explore. Habaneros Bistro is one of them.

Habaneros opened its doors in 2004, following celebrated chef and owner Tadd Chapman’s arrival in Los Cabos from Bristol Bay, Canada. The small, bistro-style restaurant began its journey in Plaza Mission and was a success from day one with tourists and locals alike. Today, you can find Habaneros in the magical courtyard of El Encanto Inn and Suites, right in the heart of San José’s historic center. Here, you can enjoy a delightful meal under the shade of what feels like a secret garden oasis.

Delicious Mexican Fusion dish at Habaneros Bistro Photo Credits: Habanero Bistro

The true magic, though, happens in the kitchen. Chef Tadd Chapman marries traditional Mexican dishes with international flavors and ideas, creating a delectable blend he calls “Mexican Fusion.” Start your day with the Mexi Benny, which is Habanero’s twist on eggs benedict: chorizo, requesón, poached eggs, salsa verde, avocado, and fresh arugula served atop a warm corn gordita. For lunch, you have a vast range of dishes to choose from, from large refreshing salads to black scallop ceviche, “everything with a little twist and uniqueness to it.” Add an ice-cold margarita to your order, made with the Tequila Bar’s wide selection of agave spirits, and you have a perfect vacation meal!

Refreshing margarita from Habaneros’ Tequila Bar. Photo Credits: Habanero Gastro Grill

Habaneros’ dinner menu, which is in the process of being redesigned, will soon feature current fan favorites like Chicken Voodoo and BBQ Ribs in addition to a steakhouse style section with mesquite-grilled steaks and other soon-to-be-revealed signature dishes. Finish off your evening in Los Cabos in Habaneros’ peaceful courtyard, surrounded by family and friends, with tasty dishes on the dinner table and live music playing in the background.

Peaceful Habaneros courtyard at El Encanto Inn and Suites. Photo Credits: Habaneros

For more information on Habaneros Bistro, visit https://habanerosbistro.com

This article was created in partnership with FIPROTUR Los Cabos, under the private trust. See website disclaimer here. For more information, visit https://fiproturloscabos.com.

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