A “Beyond Sushi Experience” at Nicksan in Los Cabos

When it comes to Japanese food in Los Cabos, Nicksan offers the most unforgettable culinary experience, where traditional Japanese cuisine meets the vibrant flavors of Mexico and the signature sauces of Chef Angel Carabajal.

It all started in 1985 when Chef Angel Carabajal met the Japanese restaurateur Masayuki Niikura, developing a friendship that would eventually lead to the creation of Nicksan, whose name (Japanese for “Misters Angel and Nick”) pays homage to this friendship of over 25 years. Nicksan’s first location, in downtown Cabo San Lucas, opened its doors in 1994 and experienced immediate success with locals and visitors alike, who kept coming back for the one-of-a-kind “Nicksan Style” meal.

Fresh salmon, “Nicksan Style” dish. Photo credits: Nicksan

This location was recently renovated for the restaurant’s 25th anniversary, featuring a breathtaking fusion of decor that evokes both the busy streets of Tokyo and the peaceful beauty of Japan’s rural sceneries. You will feel immersed in the vibrancy and fresh flavors of Japan whether you choose to enjoy your special meal at “Angel’s Table” or at the bustling sushi bar. Here you will get to watch Chef Carbajal’s gastronomic vision come to life right before your eyes and taste a variety of his signature recipes.

Nicksan’s second Los Cabos location is in San José del Cabo’s exclusive Shoppes at Palmilla. Since its establishment in 2005, the Palmilla location has attracted individuals, groups, and special events with its beautiful ocean views, select location, and unique menu.

Nicksan’s Shoppes at Palmilla location. Photo credits: Nicksan

Nicksan’s ever-evolving menu features sustainable and seasonal ingredients that are locally sourced for the freshest quality dishes. Order straight from the menu where you will find all-time favorites, such as the Chef’s mouthwatering tuna tostadas and sashimi serranito, or travel beyond the menu by asking your waiter for the “Omakase” (or “I leave it up to you”) experience. Here, the Chef will curate and guide you through a uniquely special lineup of dishes in a truly beyond sushi experience.

Nicksan’s Delicious Tuna Tostada. Photo credits: Nicksan

For more information on Nicksan, visit https://nicksan.com.

This article was created in partnership with FIPROTUR Los Cabos, under the private trust. See website disclaimer here. For more information, visit www.visitloscabos.travel.

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