Tips for Planning a Successful, Safe Visit to Los Cabos for Your Spring Vacation

After twelve months of navigating the pandemic, experts have acknowledged a growing need for mental health breaks and that a strict, stay-at-home lockdown is not sustainable. For those who choose to travel, experts have agreed that there is a safe way to do so, including always being conscious of reducing risk.

 See below our tips for planning a successful spring vacation in Los Cabos this year.  

Seek Sun 
After being cooped up during the winter, a dose of the sun’s rays is vital. While sunlight and the vitamin D our body produces from it is not a cure for coronavirus, it does have other benefits for the mind and body, such as helping to elevate moods and strengthening the body’s overall defense system. Luckily, Los Cabos has no shortage of sun and beaches where you can have some one-on-one time with both. The Blue Flag Swimmable Beaches of Los Cabos are open and all beaches have procedures in place to help sun seekers keep their distance from each other. 

Stay Safe
Los Cabos takes the safety and wellbeing of its community and visitors as a top priority and has implemented health and safety protocols across the airport, transportation, accommodations, restaurants and bars, tour activities, the beach, and throughout the destination to ensure a safe travel environment for all travelers. The system is implemented in partnership with Intertek Cristal, the highest standard of health and safety protocols in the industry. Before traveling to Los Cabos, be sure to check out all the resources available on their website: A Safer Way to Get Away #LosCabosWithCare. Here you will find information on what to expect and the security protocols, where to find testing centers, and more. At this time, all hotels in Los Cabos are offering Covid testing, as well as the medical centers, hospitals and the airport.

Be Conscious 
The way we travel has changed, before, during, and after. And even if you have already had Covid or have gotten the vaccine, there is not enough research to know about the duration of the immunity; therefore, smart, and sensible decisions are imperative. Avoid traveling and contact with others if you feel sick. If you feel sick while at your hotel, dial your concierge to help set up testing and do not leave your room. Adhere to all requirements and protocols of each place you visit – they are there for everyone’s safety, and consistency is key. 

 Social Distance 
As with any trip anywhere right now—from the grocery store to boarding a plane – the main concern is your proximity to other people. Social distancing and mask-wearing is not a political statement in Mexico, it is for public health and is strictly enforced to reduce the spread of the virus. Please social distance throughout your vacation in Los Cabos and follow the rules #LosCabosRules.

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Disclaimer: This site was created in partnership with FIPROTUR, a private trust in conjunction with Los Cabos Tourism Board.

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