Bookmark This! Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Los Cabos

More and more, diets are changing and people are conscious about a healthier lifestyle,  choosing a plant-based diet. Finding vegan and vegetarian restaurant options in Los Cabos is easy. There are several spots to have on your list for your next visit that not only specialize in fresh menus, but also offer a fun atmosphere for dining.

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Los Cabos:

Cabo San Lucas
Elements Los Cabos – Some of the best, traditional Indian cuisine that Cabo San Lucas has to offer, Elements has ample vegan and vegetarian options on their menu. The dishes served are part of a three-course dining experience accompanied with rice and naan and are a favorite for all who visit. This Indian Restaurant is located a half-block behind the main avenue downtown, on Narciso Mendoza Street.

Bajarosha – A popular restaurant for visitors and locals alike, Bajarosha offers classic Mexican snacks such as tamales, sopes, quesadillas, and street corn – all organically created and a majority of them vegetable based. Located just a few blocks inland from the marina, it is a very easy spot to reach to satisfy traditional Mexican snack cravings.

La Rana Vegana – Just outside of downtown, on the cross roads of Buenos Aires and Migriño, this special restaurant nook offers a 100% plant-based food menu. La Rana Vegana was the first vegan restaurant to open in Cabo San Lucas and celebrates their 8th Anniversary this year, a testament to their delicious food and innovative creations.

Mako Vegan & Veggie Restaurant – Located just off Medano Beach, Mako is a special little restaurant that offers a menu  based on fresh, organic ingredients. In the evening, they often have live music to accompany the dining experience along side some mouthwatering cocktail concoctions.

San José del Cabo

Chula Vegan Cafe – A favorite spot for vegans, this cafe is located just off the main tourist corridor in San Jose del Cabo. Chula offers not only an appetizing plant-based menu (also gluten free options) but also supports the local community promoting fair trade and sustainability.

Cynthia Fresh Restaurant and Organic Market – Offering a flavorsome menu of burritos, tacos, and salads, Cynthia Fresh Restaurant has several options for vegetarians and vegans to choose from. Next to the restaurant there is also a little market where one can do some quick shopping for local, organic produce.

Rock & Vegan – A delicious street food cart with philanthropic values, Rock & Vegan is a must when visiting San Jose del Cabo. Serving vegetarian burgers, hot dogs, and pizzas, not only can visitors satisfy their fast-food cravings in a healthy and cruelty-free way, but also support a restaurant that is very active in giving back to its local community and creating consciousness of sustainable practices.

Mi Vegano Favorito – Located on Centanario Avenue, between downtown and the hotel zone, is this vegan and vegetarian joint that serves up a simple yet delicious menu. Don’t miss out on their gluten-free Cochinita Feliz taco, a savory creation of sweet potato, onion, and a special barbecue sauce inspired by flavors of the Yucatan.


Other Vegan and Vegetarian options in Los Cabos include:
Kiwi Delicioso (bowls, matcha, sanwhiches, and cold press juices)
Corazon de Hemp (Mexican and International plant-based menu)
Petit Masala Indian Kitchen (traditional Indian Cusine)

Chula Vegan Cafe


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