How to Integrate Authentic Cultural Experiences into Your Los Cabos Vacation Itinerary

As the ultimate sun and beach destination, Los Cabos offers not only some of the most renowned hotels, golf courses, and culinary experiences, it also brims with traditional Mexican culture for visitors to encounter. If you’re looking to add a cultural component on your next visit to Los Cabos, consider visiting one of its museums, local town squares or art galleries.

Gabinete del Barco Exhibition at Solaz 
One of Los Cabos’ newest cultural immersions, Gabinente del Barco is an interactive exhibition that delves into the history and importance of the Baja Peninsula. With five different thematic rooms, visitors to the museum can discover through recovered artifacts how desert, ocean, and man have coexisted for centuries in the unique geography and ecosystems of the Baja. Learn all about the region’s cultural anthropology, a history of isolation of the natives, migrational patterns, and overseas influences. The exhibition’s goal is to educate and inspire all who visit to discover Baja for themselves, just as first settlers and explorers once did.

Gabinente del Barco is located within the Solaz Resort in the corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo and is open to the public.   

Museum of Natural History at Plaza Amelia
Located in downtown Cabo San Lucas, the Museum of Natural History is a must-visit attraction that explores the Southern Baja Peninsula’s unique location. With rugged and tenacious land contrasted by a sea and ocean brimming with life and wonders, the exhibits at the museum explore how the earliest inhabitants of the Baja – Pericú and Guaycura native groups- adapted to the unique landscape. Visitors to the museum will also learn about local flora and fauna with emphasis on the rich sea life. Be sure to set aside at least two hours to discover the museum’s seven rooms: astronomy, geology, paleobiology, archelogy, biodiversity, history, and a room for temporary exhibitions.  

The Museum of Natural History is located at Plaza Amelia in downtown Cabo San Lucas and is open to the public. 

Plaza Amelia Wilkens and Parroquia San Lucas
In the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Plaza Amelia is the downtown’s main square where locals and visitors can enjoy a stroll in the park, a visit to the museum, or a quick bite to eat. The park hosts different cultural and community events, including the yearly “Festival of the Whale” and ongoing “Viva la Plaza” which offers live music and traditional Mexican street cart snacks. Bordering around the plaza, visitors will find an array of dining options, a café, and a wine bar; but one must not visit without stepping in the San Lucas Church nestled in the corner, across the street from the plaza. The church dates back to 1730 and was built by a Spanish missionary. Still conserving its original construction, the church is a tribute to local history and how missions helped shaped the Baja. 

Plaza Amelia in Cabo San Lucas

Plaza Mijares and Mission San Jose del Cabo Añuití 
On the other side of town in San Jose del Cabo, Plaza Mijares (also known as Plaza de Armas) is the iconic main square where locals and visitors come to slow down and spend time in a traditional Mexican setting. The plaza is anchored by the beautiful San Jose Catholic Church that dates back to a 1730 missionary of Jesuit Priest, Nicolas Tamaral. Formally known as the Mision de San Jose del Cabo Añuití, the church received its name as a dedication to both St. Joseph and the native Pericue group.  

As the main cultural center of the city, the plaza also features an open-air photography exhibition highlighting some of Mexico’s most incredible wonders across the country. On Thursdays in the winter and spring, Plaza Mijares is best known for its Art Walk, in which the streets are reserved for pedestrians only to wander and explore the vibrant art scene of private galleries, street artisans, and local crafters. A visit to Plaza Mijares is a must for any traveler who visits Los Cabos. 

Plaza Mijares in San Jose del Cabo

Art Galleries in Los Cabos are also a great way to explore local or international artists in Baja California Sur, like Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery, Iván Guardarrama Art Gallery and many more.

Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery

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Disclaimer: This site was created in partnership with FIPROTUR, a private trust in conjunction with Los Cabos Tourism Board.

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