KTLA Los Angeles News Anchor Courtney Friel Spends Her Honeymoon in Los Cabos

Courtney Friel, a news anchor at KTLA in Los Angeles, and her fiancée, Jim, had plans to marry and honeymoon in Italy in the autumn of 2020, but when the pandemic made it impossible, they quickly came up with a new plan to celebrate their love. Following an intimate October ceremony in their home to tie the knot, they decided to jet off to Los Cabos to spend their honeymoon. Mexico has never closed their borders to tourists, and with such close proximity to California, it made sense for them to choose this as their new honeymoon destination. Courtney shared, “It was the perfect 2-hour flight from Los Angeles.”

A first time visitor to Baja California Sur Peninsula, Courtney’s first impression exceeded expectations, “It’s so beautiful! I didn’t even know there were mountains there! The people were so nice, and it felt very safe.”

Esperanza, an Auberge Resort

Having chosen to stay at one of Los Cabos’ most romantic resorts, Esperanza Hotel, the property transformed at night from a sunshine paradise to a lantern-strewn fairytale. Although they enjoyed all the amenities the hotel had to offer, Courtney and Jim did venture outside of the resort to enjoy Los Cabos’ impressive gastronomic scene, dining at Toro Restaurant by Richard Sandoval, and Mezcal at Montage. However, the highlight of their trip was their camel outback adventure by Cabo Adventures. “I had no idea Mexico had camels,” Courtney exclaimed, “It was so fun and pretty to ride on the beach.”

Camel Outback Adventure by Cabo Adventures
Toro Restaurant by Richard Sandoval

As a destination, Los Cabos has implemented some of the strictest health and safety measures of anywhere in the world.  Courtney and her husband attested first hand:

“[Regarding COVID] It felt very safe.  Everyone was wearing masks, from the hotel staff, to the taxi drivers, to the shop owners.  They take your temperature everywhere and have sanitizer all over the place, more so than in the U.S.”

Although a short trip, Courtney and Jim are already planning their next visit. Her children just got their passports and want to go to Mexico first. Los Cabos looks forward to welcoming you back, Courtney, and congratulations!

For more information on Los Cabos, visit http://visitloscabos.travel

Disclaimer: This site was created in partnership with FIPROTUR, a private trust in conjunction with Los Cabos Tourism Board.

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