How to Plan a Micro Wedding in Los Cabos

Going forward, engaged couples can take comfort in and look forward to planning a wedding or a romantic celebration in Los Cabos due to the destination’s strict health and safety protocols in place and consistent with health authorities.  The destination of Los Cabos reopened on June 15, 2020 to visitors and will allow up to 30 percent occupancy in hotels, venues, restaurants, activities and so forth. There are no current restrictions on air travel to Los Cabos from the United States. And according to a poll taken 8/17/20 at #RomanceConnect, Mexico is the number one destination for romance vacations for U.S. travelers. 

One of the trends that the destination is experiencing these days is that couples are moving forward with micro weddings. These petite-scale celebrations (defined as under 50 guests, but average 25 guests or less) means you can have a more intimate and less-demanding celebration while still incorporating traditional wedding customs.

Planning a micro wedding with your closest friends and family is an ideal option to make your special day wishes come true for a much smaller investment, in both time and money.

“Los Cabos is the perfect location to celebrate a micro wedding,” says Pamela Goldman of Wedaways, a Virtuoso travel agency & destination wedding management company specializing in weddings & honeymoons. “The destination has the best luxury resorts, temperate weather, beautiful views from so many different vantage points, fabulous culture and cuisine.”

Putting together your own destination micro wedding in Los Cabos can be quite accessible and while everyone’s special day looks different, below are the main components that go into pulling off the perfect celebration.

Resources for planning a wedding in Los Cabos

Pick a Venue
With miles of dramatic coastline where desert meets the sea, Los Cabos has a multitude of intimate venues that will suit any couple’s personality. From traditional places such a boutique hotels or beachfront restaurants, to less obvious spots, like a small charter boat,  or even at the base of a waterfall in a hidden oases. It is easier to find a venue you love, and tailor your guest list accordingly.

Find Accommodations
Goldman adds the second most important tip as, “Make sure your guests are set up with accommodations. Couples often leave accommodations to the end of their planning process, but it should come right after securing the venue. Micro weddings are made that much more exciting when guests, bridal party and couple are all staying at the same hotel for the wedding weekend, allowing the celebration to last days rather than hours. Make sure to address a room block early on.”

Narrow Down the Guest List
This can be the hardest part for many couples planning their celebration, but with a dream venue already picked out, you will already know the maximum capacity of guests to invite. Your guest list should be the people that you absolutely cannot imagine not being by your side and sharing the special day with. This can mean you might have to reconsider allowing “plus ones”.  In the end you will likely find that your list is full of people who won’t hesitate to travel a longer distance to be present for your day.

Jot Down the Basics
Any event, even at a small scale, requires a few basic items that make or break it. This starts with the food and music.  On any continent, meals and dancing bring people together so those should be your primary focus. Secondary basics include things such as a photographer to capture the moments; and a team that will help get you picture-perfect ready (hair, makeup, dress)! Once you have the main elements that you need to consider jotted down, adding in any further touches and details down the road will just enhance the celebration and create a joyful and personalized vibe.

Find A Wedding Planner
Planning a wedding from abroad can be overwhelming. Find someone you trust locally to oversee all the details and help find trusted vendors for the “basics” you outlined above. Wedding planners will also save you the headache on how to go about the legal procedures for matrimony in Mexico.

Make It Personal
Without an abundance of guests, it is much easier to add those personalized touches that show your invites just how much they truly mean to you! It is much easier to hand-write notes to 25 of your closest friends, than it is for 150! Those little details will make it all the more meaningful.

Watch Wedding Trends and How to Plan a Wedding in Los Cabos here:  

Visit the Los Cabos Weddings section for all of the romance resources you’ll need to make your micro celebration a major success. 

Photos provided by Los Cabos Tourism Board. See disclaimer here

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