Flying Private into Los Cabos Airports

As Mexico’s premier luxury destination, Los Cabos is one of the most popular places to receive private jet charters. Due to such high demand, Los Cabos offers two airports that can comfortably accommodate private arrival and departure flights. Depending on the traveler’s end-destination will be important for deciding which airport is most convenient.  

Los Cabos International Airport (SJD / MMSD)
Los Cabos International Airport (SJD/MMSD) is located in San Jose del Cabo and welcomes international, domestic, and private charter flights. With two terminals, SJD serves as Los Cabos’ main connectivity hub with the United States and Canada and has recently undergone several upgrades to ensure high levels of comfort and safety for travelers.

The FBO at SJD was an integral part of the upgrades and is now a world-class facility operating under best practices of safety and operation. In addition to a heliport, it now features 68,255 m2 apron of space allowing larger aircrafts to accommodate more easily. Privair FBO also provides towing, overnight parking, cleaning, ground power units, fueling, crew facilities, and concierge. When flying private into SJD, consider the VIP Fast Track assistance in order to get processed through the airport with priority service.

For more information, check out the Privair FBO website or contact the Los Cabos Airport .

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Cabo San Lucas International Airport (CSL / MMSL)
Cabo San Lucas International Airport (CSL/MMSL) is located in Cabo San Lucas and is a smaller, privately owned airport that primarily welcomes private aircrafts and domestic flights.  It serves as Mexico’s only International Private Airport with a large runway of 7,000 feet long.

The FBO at CSL offers a full array of first-class services such as its own area for check-in, security, and boarding; and dozens of other exclusive amenities that cater specifically to discerning private jet plane travelers. The airport is equipped as a full port of entry meeting requirements for customs and immigration, and they also offer complete ground equipment for fueling.

Flying into CSL is a great option for private plane and jet passengers looking for expedited and personal service. Because it is a specialty airport, passengers can get through the arrival or departure process quickly and discreetly and reach their end-destination in a swift manner.

For more information, check out the CSL International Airport website.

CSL Airport

Headed to the East Cape? Depending on the size of the plane and other factors, the East Cape may offer landing strips in La Ribera and Los Frailes. Your flight advisor will be able to discuss if these landing strips are a viable option for your travelers. Consult the full list of airports in Baja Califoria Sur here.

Helpful Flying Tips
When making plans to fly into Los Cabos remember to bring your passport – it is necessary to enter the country. When arriving to Mexico, travelers will be issued a tourist visa card called an FMM. This needs to be filled out along with a customs declaration. Upon check-in to the immigration desk, the agent will check the form, and let you know which portion you need to keep safe during your trip. Once cleared at immigration, you may collect your luggage and head to customs. Once clearing customs, your Los Cabos vacation awaits!

For more information, visit
Los Cabos International Useful Information

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