How to Support Local Families in Los Cabos Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic

Although Los Cabos’ daily routine halted with the suspension of tourism due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the local residents are optimistic for the well-planned out reopening of the destination that will facilitate not only a safer travel environment but also help protect the health of all visitors, workers and the local community.  Although still a few weeks out before hotels start to open their doors and people can return to work, the community in Los Cabos remains strong as they support one another in this time of need.

How can you help and contribute?

The International Community Foundation (ICF) has joined together with hundreds of local businesses, entrepreneurs, social organizations, and government to form an epic alliance: the Community Alliance of Baja California Sur. This association has been working tirelessly to provide and distribute food, medical supplies, and hygiene products to their fellow neighbors in need.  Their objective is that no one in the state goes without food and essentials during the pandemic and that there is a broadcasted network of support for any emergencies.  To make a contribution, please visit the Community Alliance website where you can donate monetarily or adopt a family; or you may also donate on the ICF Mexico website.

Cabo Missions for Christ is another organization that has been working hard over the past few weeks to bring essential food items to families who are currently not working. They deliver around 400 packages each week. If you would like to support this feeding program, donations can be sent on their website

There is also Heart4Cabo, a local relief organization that was set up post- Hurricane Odile advocating for the hungry, needy, weary, and discouraged in the greater Los Cabos area. Together with Despensas for Defenas they have created a program to distribute bags with essential survival items to those who are currently unemployed due to the pandemic. Visit Heart4Cabo for more information.

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